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Solas USA is the American sister company of Solas Representações (Brazil). It was created with the aim of facilitating and speeding up the acquisition of small quantities, low budget purchases and spare parts of foreign products. Now our customers have the option to purchase our range of products paying in dollars and picking them up directly from our warehouse, located in Doral-FL.

Advantages of buying from us:

– Avoid sales taxes and manage your own costs. Buy direct from us, pay in USD and import the goods by yourself;

– Customize the documentation. We can issue the shipping documentation meeting your needs and according to your import rules;

– We speak your language.  Our people speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Provide our customers with equipments and systems for the Oil and Gas market in general, with the highest technology, optimizing costs and bringing profitability to business partners.


To be qualified as the best supplier of equipments and solutions to our clientele within our area of expertise, solidifying the good reputation of our company and of our represented partners.


• Creativity • Initiative • Enthusiasm • Team spirit • Integrity • Success


ABTECH manufacture enclosures, control stations, high voltage connection solutions and cable glands for hazardous locations and areas where fire resistant equipment is required.
Ultrasonic instrumentation and constant monitoring systems. COLTRACO has the technology to monitor the level of various cylinders of fire extinguishing agents through fixed or portable systems.
MARSHAL SYSTEM a subsidiary of Viking Offshore and Marine Ltd. It is the preferred integrator for the offshore and maritime industry. Its portfolio also contains fire and gas detection, control and instrumentation.
HAWKE TRANSIT SYSTEM is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the development of the Hawke sealing system, the design of the system itself and its supply and installation.
TOPSAFE is special manufacturer of equipment for flammable fuel tanks and cargo tanks maritime. It`s expertise is the vacuum-pressure valves.
MMC is the largest manufacturer of UTI Electronic Tapes for level gauging in the world. Besides it portfolio also include portable tapes and C-L couplings (fast coupling flanges).
FHF provides a wide range of signalling devices and communication equipment for hazardous areas, including EX and industrial telephones tested in harsh environments.
FEDERAL SIGNAL is the world leader in signaling, communication and security products, keeping our workers and community safe.
VIKING AIRTECH is specialized in complete solutions for HVAC & Refrigeration Systems.
HELIDEX OFFSHORE designs and manufactures aluminum helidecks for the offshore market.
Founded in 1996, STG it is now one of the largest independent suppliers of calibration gases of Europe.
BRANNSTROM is the world leader for Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems (ODME) and Bilge Alarms.
DNH manufactures one of the world's largest ranges of loudspeakers for industrial and commercial applications.
FRANCIS designs and manufactures lighting products with innovative designs, high quality and competitive prices. It`s expertise is the search spotlight.
SDI test and inspection equipment for the fire alarm and life safety industries.
TYCO is the largest fire detection company in the world.
MEDC manufactures alarm, signalling and control equipment. MEDC has developed a range of products specifically designed for use in areas where harsh environmental conditions prevail and where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable atmospheres.
FGD offer a full range of IR3 and UVIR flame detectors for all types of fires including hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires, hydroxyl and hydrogen fires, metal and inorganic fires and high-speed explosion detection. With optional integral video recording and a wide range of accessories including flame simulator test lamps, air shields and weather covers, FGD offers the best flame detection solutions.
The easy to make fire sealing system. It is easy to work with and easy to make safe installations. And when it doesn’t take long to do it right, it is also cost effective. That’s why FIRESEAL has been on guard wherever fires must never be allowed to spread: offshore platforms, FPSOs, and oil tankers, as well as cargo vessels and container ships.
ZENITEL is focused on the Secure Communication Systems (SCS) activity that develops and sells their own Intercom and Public Address Systems. The company also delivers two-way Radio Systems and delivers fully integrated Communication Platforms that include Intercom, Public Address and two-way Radio Systems.
PELICAN has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance protective enclosures, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, portable lighting systems and rugged accessories since 1976.
TESSCO is a company focused on radio frequency transmission equipment. Their portfolio is specialized in products such as antennas, specialized connectors, cables and UHF amplifiers.
Teledyne Detcon designs and manufactures a wide variety of industrial-grade gas detectors, control systems, analyzers and wireless technology.
BERGAN develops and manufactures high quality marine equipment and instruments. Its portfolio includes tank level measurement systems (radar), ballast, services, fuel management system, monitoring of temperature and pressure and inert gas for cargo tanks.
INDIGOVISION is a solution provider of security cameras, video recorders, covert cameras and security management systems (CFTV).
ORGA provides customized Navigation Aids solutions for the oil and gas industry, helipad lighting solutions and remote power systems.
Teledyne Oldham Simtronics designs and manufactures a wide range of gas detectors, control systems, flame detectors and wireless technology.

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